Workshop on Solar-Terrestrial Physics for Students and Young Scientists (STEPSYS)

STEPSYS workshop will be organized one day prior to the STP-15 symposium. The objective of this workshop is to invite eminent scientists from the STP community worldwide to give tutorials/lectures to students and young scientists on topics related to Sun – Earth connections. The tentative topics include the following.

  • The Sun, its interior and its atmosphere (Speaker: Dibyendu Nandi)
  • Solar eruptions and their impact on Geospace (Speaker: Nat Gopalswamy)
  • Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling (Speaker: Ramon Lopez)
  • Atmosphere - Ionosphere Coupling (Speaker: Jens Oberheide)
  • Solar influence on climate variability (Speaker: Annika Seppälä)
  • Space weather effects on technological systems (Speaker: Mamoru Ishii)
  • Instruments and upcoming space missions for STP research (Speaker: Duggirala Pallamraju)
  • Web-based tools for space weather monitoring, analysis and forecasting (Speaker:  TBD)

Lectures will typically have a time duration of 45 min and will be aimed at Ph.D. students and early career scientists working on STP related topics. The lectures would provide solid foundation for the participants who would be essentially non-specialists in these areas.

This workshop is only for the registered participants of STP15 symposium. Please register