Day5, February 25, 2022

Parallel Sessions

S6-vanAllen Hall, S7-Akasofu Hall, S8-JCBose Hall

GMT 03:00-04:20

IST 08:30 - 09:50

S6 - Modelling, Database and Data Analysis Tools for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Annika Seppala
  • GMT 03:00-03:20 | IST 08:30-08:50          STP15-ABS-245
    Applications of machine learning in the solar-terrestrial sysem
    Jacob Bortnik (invited)
  • GMT 03:20-03:35 | IST 08:50-09:05          STP15-ABS-142
    Magnetohydrodynamic models using multi-species computation in Non Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium : The case of Hydrogen and Helium
    Victor Hugo De la Luz Rodgriguez
  • GMT 03:35-03:45 | IST 09:05-09:15          STP15-ABS-278
    The integrated data repository-analysis environment developed by ERG Science Center (ERG-SC)
    Tomoaki Hori
  • GMT 03:45-03:55 | IST 09:15-09:25          STP15-ABS-149
    Deflection and Rotation of Flux Ropes Coronal Mass Ejections during Solar Cycles 23 and 24
    Hong Xie
  • GMT 03:55-04:10 | IST 09:25-09:40          STP15-ABS-019
    Sun Runner: a new tool to simulate the solar wind and coronal mass ejections
    Jose Gonzalez
  • GMT 04:10-04:20 | IST 09:40-09:50          STP15-ABS-328
    Analytic Solution for the Slowly Rotating Polytropic Fluid Sphere
    Priya Elias
S7 - New ground- and space-based initiatives for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Kazuo Shiokawa
  • GMT 03:00-03:15 | IST 08:30-08:45          STP15-ABS-076
    The investigation of hemispheric asymmetry along 100E longitude using ionosondes at magnetic conjugates stations and model simulations: new insights
    Bitap Kalita
  • GMT 03:15-03:30 | IST 08:45-09:00          STP15-AB-202
    Next generation interplanetary scintillation observation system of ISEE
    Kazamasa Iwai
  • GMT 03:30-03:45 | IST 09:00-09:15          STP15-ABS-031
    Validation of the VHF radar observations of nocturnal F-region ionospheric irregularities at Cochin with SWARM Bravo satellite
    Rakesh V
  • GMT 03:45-04:00 | IST 09:15-09:30          STP15-ABS-083
    Ionospheric effects observed in the South Pacific using a VLF monitoring system during the August-2017 North American total solar eclipse
    Prasanna Waichal
  • GMT 04:00-04:10 | IST 09:30-09:40          STP15-ABS-125
    A global observations of ionospheric response on the geomagnetic storm of 22-23 June,2015 using SWARM
    Remya Nair
  • GMT 04:10-04:20 | IST 09:40-09:50          STP15-ABS-032
    A study on the potential application of 205 MHz VHF radar at Cochin in the observations of ionospheric irregularities during geomagnetic storms
    Sreekumar Haridas
S8 - Special Session on "Geomagnetism - The Connecting Link between Sun and Earth"
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Gopi Seemala and Geeta Vichare
  • GMT 03:00-03:15 | IST 08:30-08:45          STP15-ABS-035
    Study of intense geomagnetic storms and solar quiet days during SC 23 using Dst and SYM-H by the method potential analysis
    Devi R Nair
  • GMT 03:15-03:25 | IST 08:45-08:55          STP15-ABS-077
    An analysis on the occurrence of geomagnetic storms during solar cycle 22 and 23
    Sherin Abraham
  • GMT 03:25-03:35 | IST 08:55-09:05          STP15-ABS-311
    Statistical study of pre-earthquake anomalous diurnal variation of the geomagnetic field
    Khairul adib Yusof
  • GMT 03:35-03:45 | IST 09:05-09:15          STP15-ABS-224
    Magnetic main field model over the Indian region from network of observatory data
    Monica Rawat
  • GMT 03:45-03:55 | IST 09:15-09:25          STP15-ABS-140
    Solar wind-magnetospheric energy coupling (e) during severe geomagnetic activity of 24th Solar Cycle
    Babita Chandel
  • GMT 03:55-04:05 | IST 09:25-09:35          STP15-ABS-316
    Solar cycle dependence of the solar wind-magnetosphere coupling during geomagnetic storms
    Asna VM
  • GMT 04:05-04:15 | IST 09:35-09:45          STP15-ABS-069
    Investigations on the multi-scale latitudinal dependence of geomagnetic H-component fluctuations during large geomagnetic storms
    Shibu R
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
S6 - Modelling, Database and Data Analysis Tools for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Yoshizumi Miyoshi and Annika Seppala
  • GMT 04:50-05:00 | IST 10:20-10:30          STP15-ABS-166
    Investigating the fine structures of EMIC waves: Simultenous raising and falling tones
    Biswajit Ojha
  • GMT 05:00-05:10 | IST 10:30-10:40          STP15-ABS-257
    Modelling and Predicting monthly Sunspot Relative Number through structural time series modelling
    Kishore Kumar Grandhi
  • GMT 05:10-05:20 | IST 10:40-10:50          STP15-ABS-237
    Study of relevant D-region parameters during Solar X-ray flares and seasonal & solar cycle effects therein using VLF signal propagation effects and numerical methods
    Tamal Basak
  • GMT 05:20-05:30 | IST 10:50-11:00          STP15-ABS-214
    A comparative study of ion beam and velocity shear driven resonant instability of Kinetic Alfven waves with k-electrons
    Krushna Barik
  • GMT 05:30-05:40 | IST 11:00-11:10          STP15-ABS-194
    A Machine Learning approach towards segmentation and analysis of Solar filaments from Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Hand-drawn archive
    Aditya Priyadarshi
  • GMT 05:40-05:50 | IST 11:10-11:20          STP15-ABS-087
    Tsallies entropy analysis on short-time variations of Joule heating at high latitudes during disturbed periods
    Ashwini Thampi S L
  • GMT 05:50-06:05 | IST 11:20-11:35          STP15-ABS-236
    Data driven sunspot groups classifications compared with the Locarno catalogue
    Egor Illarionoa
S7 - New ground- and space-based initiatives for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Akasofu Hall
  • GMT 04:50-05:10 | IST 10:20-10:40          STP15-ABS-354
    The Aditya-L1 mission: ISRO's observatory for space in solar observations
    Durgesh Tripathi (invited)
  • GMT 05:10-05:25 | IST 10:40-10:55          STP15-ABS-044
    Development of low cost small All-Sky imagers for multi-point measurements of Airglow at middle and low latitudes
    Kazuo Shiokawa
  • GMT 05:25-05:40 | IST 10:55-11:10          STP15-ABS-330
    Observations of equatorial thermosphere-ionosphere - overview of SOUREX experiment
    Tarun Pant
  • GMT 05:40-05:55 | IST 11:10-11:25          STP15-ABS-102
    Concept of the solar ring mission
    Quanhao Zhang
  • GMT 05:55-06:10 | IST 11:25-11:40          STP15-ABS-277
    Thunderstorm-Induced Muon Events (TIMEs) at GRAPES-3 experiment
    Pranaba Nayak
S8 - Special Session on "Geomagnetism - The Connecting Link between Sun and Earth"
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Masahito Nose and Jurgen Matzka
  • GMT 04:50-05:05 | IST 10:20-10:35          STP15-ABS-350
    Longitudinal differences in the equatorial electrodynamics processes as deduced from the SWARM satellite constellation
    Dupinder Singh
  • GMT 05:05-05:20 | IST 10:35-10:50          STP15-ABS-298
    The effects of solar activity on the fractal characteristics of geomagnetic data from Southeast Asia region
    Nurul Abdul Hamid
  • GMT 05:20-05:30 | IST 10:50-11:00          STP15-ABS-234
    Gravity and Pressure-gradient current in the earth's ionosphere
    Sreelakshmi J
  • GMT 05:30-05:40 | IST 11:00-11:10          STP15-ABS-233
    On the relationship between the fractal dimension of geomagnetic variations and the solar wind speed
    Alexey Gvozdarev
  • GMT 05:40-05:50 | IST 11:10-11:20          STP15-ABS-062
    Study of Periodicities of geomagnetic storms during 1957- 2008 using wavelet techniques
    Seema C S
  • GMT 05:50-06:00 | IST 11:20-11:30          STP15-ABS-240
    Extreme space weather events during solar cycles 23 & 24: analytical study
    Susan Samwel
  • GMT 06:00-06:10 | IST 11:30-11:40          STP15-ABS-068
    Potential analysis of IMF Bz during storm periods and solar minimum quiet days of solar cycle 23
    Prince P R
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
Meal/Nap Break
S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): D. Pallamraju and Irina Mironova
  • GMT 11:00-11:15 | IST 16:30-16:45          STP15-ABS-301
    Atmospheric response to extreme energetic particle precipitation events
    Irina Mironava
  • GMT 11:15-11:30 | IST 16:45-17:00          STP15-ABS-139
    Effects of geomagnetic storm on equatorial geomagnetic field intensity and ionospheric total electron content at two stations in East Africa
    George Omondi
  • GMT 11:30-11:40 | IST 17:00-17:10          STP15-ABS-338
    Modulation of cosmic ray and the effect on the earth's ionosphere during the disturbed solar atmosphere of August 2018 - A case study
    Arup Patari
  • GMT 11:40-11:50 | IST 17:10-17:20          STP15-ABS-263
    The response of D and E regions of the equatorial ionosphere to solar flare events
    Ambili Kailasam Madathil
  • GMT 11:50-12:00 | IST 17:20-17:30          STP15-ABS-168
    Studies on the modulations of EIA over the Indian region during varying space weather conditions by using GAGAN derived ionospheric delay maps
    Mala Bagiya
  • GMT 12:00-12:10 | IST 17:30-17:40          STP15-ABS-143
    Study of variation in the Quiet Day Curve (QDC) pattern by Cosmic Noise technique
    Suraj Nikte
  • GMT 12:10-12:20 | IST 17:40-17:50          STP15-ABS-150
    Longitudinal Dependence of Inner Boundary of Ring Current and Radiation Belt Particles
    Pankaj Soni
S7 - New ground- and space-based initiatives for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Renata Lukianova
  • GMT 11:00-11:20 | IST 16:30-16:50          STP15-ABS-229
    EISCAT_3D: Imaging Incoherent Scatter Radar for the 21st Century
    Ian McCrea (invited)
  • GMT 11:20-11:35 | IST 16:50-17:05          STP15-ABS-255
    Exploring the mesosphere and lower thermosphere and its connection to the ionosphere/thermosphere using SIMONe systems
    Juan Federico Conte
  • GMT 11:35-11:50 | IST 17:05-17:20          STP15-ABS-231
    An innovative approach to derive daytime gravity wave characteristics using digisonde
    Subir Mandal
  • GMT 11:50-12:05 | IST 17:20-17:35          STP15-ABS-337
    Isolating daytime mid-latitude small- and medium-scale TIDs by the degree of compression of the cusp part of the F layer
    Adel Akchurin
  • GMT 12:05-12:20 | IST 17:35-17:50          STP15-ABS-060
    The Changing-Atmosphere Infra-Red Tomography Explorer (CAIRT) - expected benefits for solar-terrestrial research
    Bernd Funke
S8 - Special Session on "Geomagnetism - The Connecting Link between Sun and Earth"
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Geeta Vichare and Gopi Seemala
  • GMT 11:00-11:15 | IST 16:30-16:45          STP15-ABS-129
    Geomagnetic observations from ground and satellites for upper atmospheric studies
    Yosuke Yamazaki (invited)
  • GMT 11:15-11:25 | IST 16:45-16:55          STP15-ABS-266
    Legacy of Colaba-Alibag Observatory
    Ashwini Kumar Sinha (invited)
  • GMT 11:25-11:35 | IST 16:55-17:05          STP15-ABS-092
    Kakioka Magnetic Observatory: Its present and prospects
    Seiki Asari (invited)
  • GMT 11:35-11:45 | IST 17:05-17:15          STP15-ABS-038
    Hermanus Magnetic Observatory: a historical overview of geomagnetism in southern Africa
    Amore Nel (invited)
  • GMT 11:45-12:00 | IST 17:15-17:30          STP15-ABS-105
    Geomagnetic observatories: latest trends, practical challenges and solutions
    Jurgen Matzka (invited)
  • GMT 12:00-12:15 | IST 17:30-17:45          STP15-ABS-179
    Application of magneto-impedance sensor to geomagnetic field measurements
    Masahito Nose
  • GMT 12:15-12:25 | IST 17:45-17:55          STP15-ABS-056
    Two conjugate observation events of substorm onset auroras using ground-based EMCCD camera and the Arase satellite in the inner magnetosphere
    Chen Liwei
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
S7 - New ground- and space-based initiatives for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Nat Gopalswamy
  • GMT 12:50-13:10 | IST 18:20-18:40          STP15-ABS-347
    Daedalus: a mission concept for the in-situ exploration of the Lower Thermosphere-Ionosphere
    Theodoros sarris(Invited)
  • GMT 13:10-13:20 | IST 18:40-18:50          STP15-ABS-346
    Preliminary analysis of polarimeter uncertainities of INPE's proof of concept spectropolarimeter
    Adriany Rodrigues Barbosa
  • GMT 13:20-13:35 | IST 18:50-19:05          STP15-ABS-321
    An Advanced low-band VHF Radar for Geospace, Cislunar, Planetary, Solar, and Astronomical Research
    Brett Isham
  • GMT 13:35-13:50 | IST 19:05-19:20          STP15-ABS-320
    An MF/HF radio Array for Radar and Radio Imaging of the Ionosphere
    Brett Isham
  • GMT 13:50-14:00 | IST 19:20-19:30          STP15-ABS-244
    The 145° magnetometer meridian chain: toward collaboration between Russia and India
    Renata Lukianova
  • GMT 14:00-14:10 | IST 19:30-19:40          STP15-ABS-029
    New results from NCAR HAO Thermospheric wind Observations
    Qian Wu
S8 - Special Session on "Geomagnetism - The Connecting Link between Sun and Earth"
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Jurgen Matzka and Masahito Nose
  • GMT 12:50-13:05 | IST 18:20-18:35          STP15-ABS-339
    An analysis of the Trouvelot's Aurora and Plausible Evidence for Recurrent Geomagnetic Storms of 1872
    Ankush Bhaskar
  • GMT 13:05-13:20 | IST 18:35-18:50          STP15-ABS-331
    Historical observations of intensities and time series of the extreme space weather events in the 1940s
    Hisashi Hayakawa
  • GMT 13:20-13:35 | IST 18:50-19:05          STP15-ABS-348
    Using historical data to predict satellite orbital drag during magnetic superstorms
    Denny Oliveira
  • GMT 13:35-13:45 | IST 19:05-19:15          STP15-ABS-211
    Effect of Cowling Conductivity changes in response to geomagnetic field secular variations
    Ana Elias
  • GMT 13:45-13:55 | IST 19:15-19:25          STP15-ABS-265
    What do geomagnetic storms tell about the evolution of the solar Grand Modern Maximum?
    Kalevi Mursala
  • GMT 13:55-14:05 | IST 19:25-19:35          STP15-ABS-220
    Epoch analysis of geomagnetic storms and corresponding solar wind and IMF parameters in solar cycles 23 and 24
    Manu Varghese
  • GMT 14:05-14:15 | IST 19:35-19:45          STP15-ABS-291
    A quantitative analysis of the supersubstorms (SML<-2500nT) of solar cycle 24 and their impacts on the solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere system
    Sritam Hajra
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)