Day4, February 24, 2022

Parallel Sessions

S3-JCBose Hall, S4-vanAllen Hall, S5-Akasofu Hall

GMT 03:00-04:20

IST 08:30 - 09:50

S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth’s Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): D. Chakrabarty and Nick Pedatella
  • GMT 03:00-03:15 | IST 08:30-08:45          STP15-ABS-300
    Obscured growth of an equatorial spread-F associated airglow depletion under the influence of ionization anomaly
    Saranya P
  • GMT 03:15-03:30 | IST 08:45-09:00          STP15-ABS-070
    Investigation of interactions between MSTIDs and mid-latitude field aligned plasma depletions over geomagnetic low-mid latitude transition region
    Virendra Yadav
  • GMT 03:30-03:40 | IST 09:00-09:10          STP15-ABS-196
    Variation of ionospheric parameters during geomagnetic storms over the low latitude Indian region as measured using ROCSAT-1 satellite
    Dinesh Sharma
  • GMT 03:40-03:50 | IST 09:10-09:20          STP15-ABS-189
    Study of Gravity Waves in Atmosphere-Ionosphere coupling
    Rajesh Singh
  • GMT 03:50-04:00 | IST 09:20-09:30          STP15-ABS-120
    Short periodic gravity waves and tidal influences using OH(3-1) brightness and its rotational temperatures measured by PRL Airglow InfraRed Spectrograph(PAIRS)
    Ravindra Singh
  • GMT 04:00-04:10 | IST 09:30-09:40          STP15-ABS-283
    Evaluation of the role of gravity wave seed perturbations in modulating Equatorial Spread F day to day variability during geomagnetically disturbed periods
    Sruthi T V
  • GMT 04:10-04:20 | IST 09:40-09:50          STP15-ABS-299
    Evidence of Interaction of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles with Medium Scale Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances during post mid-night sector over Indian region
    Onkar Garav
S4 - PRESTO Pillar 3: Solar Activity and its Influence on Climate
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Odele Coddington and Stergios Misios
  • GMT 03:00-03:10 | IST 08:30-08:40          STP15-ABS-016
    An analysis of the Tropical Cyclones and Atlantic Hurricanes during 1979 to 2018 with the variation of Sunspot number and the influence of solar flux F10.7 and other solar activities
    Dhruba Banerjee
  • GMT 03:10-03:20 | IST 08:40-08:50          STP15-ABS-341
    In Search of Solar Cycle Signatures in the Earth's Middle Atmosphere:Observations vs. Model Simulations
    Karanam Kishor Kumar
  • GMT 03:20-03:30 | IST 08:50-09:00          STP15-ABS-259
    Trend analysis of total column ozone for three solar cycles over India
    Swapnil Potdar
  • GMT 03:30-03:40 | IST 09:00-09:10          STP15-ABS-040
    Association between sunspot number and the Indian summer monsoon rainfall: An exploration through artificial neural network
    Surajit Chattopadhyay
  • GMT 03:40-03:50 | IST 09:10-09:20          STP15-ABS-036
    Response of the East Asian monsoon to 11-yr solar cycle
    Liang Zhao
  • GMT 03:50-04:00 | IST 09:20-09:30          STP15-ABS-187
    Study of planetary wave activity in the mesopause region based on OH (6-2) emission observations at Maimaga station
    Vera Sivtseva
  • GMT 04:00-04:10 | IST 09:30-09:40          STP15-ABS-141
    Transient Extratropical Response to Solar Ultraviolet Radiation in the Northern Hemisphere Winter
    Chaim Garfinkel
S5 - Space Weather Prediction and Implementation
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Kyung Suk Cho
  • GMT 03:00-03:15 | IST 08:30-08:45          STP15-ABS-132
    Mid-term Research Plan of NICT Space Weather Monitoring and Forecast
    Mamoru Ishii
  • GMT 03:15-03:30 | IST 08:45-09:00          STP15-ABS-254
    Visual explanation of a deep learning flare forecast model and its physical implications
    Kangwoo Yi
  • GMT 03:30-03:45 | IST 09:00-09:15          STP15-ABS-256
    Unsupervised machine learning algorithm for optimal placement of GNSS recievers over Indian region for space weather studies
    Babu Sree Harsha P
  • GMT 03:45-04:00 | IST 09:15-09:30          STP15-ABS-281
    Global IGS-3D electron density (Ne) model by Deep Learning
    Eun-Young Ji
  • GMT 04:00-04:10 | IST 09:30-09:40          STP15-ABS-252
    3-day Forecasting of Global TEC Maps Using a set of Deep Learning Models
    Jinkoo Yim
  • GMT 04:10-04:20 | IST 09:40-09:50          STP15-ABS-312
    Conjugate hemisphere ionospheric asymmetry in the South Asian sector around 95°E
    Prantika Nath
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Sumanta Sarkhel and Loren Chang
  • GMT 04:50-05:05 | IST 10:20-10:35          STP15-ABS-210
    Latitudinal movement of the EIA crest as seen in OI 630nm nightglow emissions over low-latitudinal region of Indian longitude
    Sovan Saha
  • GMT 05:05-05:20 | IST 10:35-10:50          STP15-ABS-119
    Energetic Particle Chain - Effects on the middle/lower atmosphere from energetic particle precipitations
    Tac Nakajima
  • GMT 05:20-05:30 | IST 10:50-11:00          STP15-ABS-075
    A study on quite time - storm time responses of Japanese midlatitude sector using wavelet analysis
    Soumya M S
  • GMT 05:30-05:40 | IST 11:00-11:10          STP15-ABS-011
    Low ionosphere response to the solar flares occured during the peak of solar cycle 24
    Suniti Saharan
  • GMT 05:40-05:55 | IST 11:10-11:25          STP15-ABS-026
    Ground-based all-sky airglow imaging observation of a thermallly ducted undular mesospheric bore over the Himalayan region
    Subarna Mondal
  • GMT 05:55-06:05 | IST 11:25-11:35          STP15-ABS-288
    Delayed Response of Thermospheric O1D 630.0nm Dayglow over the Dip Equator during an X-class Flare
    C Vineeth
  • GMT 06:05-06:15 | IST 11:35-11:45          STP15-ABS-349
    The O(1D) 630.0nm dayglow emission variability over Mid-latitudes
    Kshitiz Upadhyay
S5 - Space Weather Prediction and Implementation
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Pravata Mohanty
  • GMT 04:50-05:05 | IST 10:20-10:35          STP15-ABS-192
    Long-term solar activity dependence of cosmic ray muon flux observed by the GRAPES-3 muon telescope
    Meeran Zuberi
  • GMT 05:05-05:20 | IST 10:35-10:50          STP15-ABS-218
    Association of large GIC events with geomagnetic storms and corresponding solar wind and IMF
    Balan Nanan
  • GMT 05:20-05:35 | IST 10:50-11:05          STP15-ABS-074
    Observation of Interplanetary magnetic fields using ground-based cosmic ray detector
    Arun Babu Kollam parambil Paul
  • GMT 05:35-05:50 | IST 11:05-11:20          STP15-ABS-135
    Local Time Behaviour of IRI-2016 Bottomside Ionospheric Profile Paramters (B0 and B1) from FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 GNSS Radio Occultations
    Arun Singh
  • GMT 05:50-06:00 | IST 11:20-11:30          STP15-ABS-191
    Probing solar storms with GRAPES-3 scintillator detectors
    Hari Haran Balakrishnan
  • GMT 06:00-06:10 | IST 11:30-11:40          STP15-ABS-207
    Multi-model predictibility of TEC and F2 layer paramters during geomagnetic storm days around 100°E
    Angkita Hazarika
  • GMT 06:10-06:20 | IST 11:40-11:50          STP15-ABS-183
    Forecasting geomagnetic activity (Dst Index) using the Ensemble Kalman filter
    Nilam Bhosale
S6 - Modelling, Database and Data Analysis tools for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Yoshizumi Miyoshi
  • GMT 04:50-05:05 | IST 10:20-10:35          STP15-ABS-051
    An automated routine to generate high fidelity low-frequency spectro-polarimetric solar radio images with SKA precursor
    Devojyoti Kansabanik
  • GMT 05:05-05:15 | IST 10:35-10:45          STP15-ABS-097
    Characterising Solar Wind Outflows Observed in the Varying field of view of WISPR onboard parker Solar Probe
    Ritesh Patel
  • GMT 05:15-05:25 | IST 10:45-10:55          STP15-ABS-195
    A Theoritical model of the Near-Surafce Shear Layer of the Sun
    Bibhuti Jha
  • GMT 05:25-05:40 | IST 10:55-11:10          STP15-ABS-005
    Long-Term Evolution of the Sun's magnetic field during cycles 15-19 based on their proxies from Kodaikanal Solar Observatory
    Bidya Binay Karak
  • GMT 05:40-05:55 | IST 11:10-11:25          STP15-ABS-246
    Modeling the large scale irregularities in the F region polar ionosphere
    Renata Lukianova
  • GMT 05:55-06:10 | IST 11:25-11:40          STP15-ABS-013
    Applications of the global NM network for assesment of spectra and anisotropy and related terrestrial effects of strong SEP
    Alexander Mishev
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
Meal/Nap Break
S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth’s Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Satyavir Singh and D. Pallamraju
  • GMT 11:00-11:15 | IST 16:30-16:45          STP15-ABS-290
    Do background winds in the middle atmosphere modulate low latitude MLT signatures of SSW events?
    Koushik Neelakantan
  • GMT 11:15-11:30 | IST 16:45-17:00          STP15-ABS-223
    Sudden Stratospheric Warming(SSW) episodes and their impacts on upper atmosphere during last two decades
    Jinee Gogoi
  • GMT 11:30-11:40 | IST 17:00-17:10          STP15-ABS-271
    Three componenets of Wind and Lower Atmospheric Turbulence measurements Using VHF Doppler Radar of Univercity of Culcutta to characterize lower atmospheric dynamics
    Debyendu Jana
  • GMT 11:40-11:50 | IST 17:10-17:20          STP15-ABS-188
    Signatures of a mesospheric bore in 557.7nm airglow emission at a Himalayan location
    Amitava Guharay
  • GMT 11:50-12:00 | IST 17:20-17:30          STP15-ABS-073
    Signatures of 23-day slow kelvin waves in equatorial MLT during QBO disruption
    Bhagavathiammal G J
  • GMT 12:00-12:10 | IST 17:30-17:40          STP15-ABS-109
    Characterstics of the Intraseasonal Oscillations in the equatorial MLT region revealed by satellite observations and global analysis data made by a data assimilation system
    Dai Koshin
  • GMT 12:10-12:20 | IST 17:40-17:50          STP15-ABS-157
    A deeper insight into the dynamics of the hiccup of a fall transition
    Vivien Matthias
S5 - Space Weather Prediction and Implementation
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Peter Pilewskie
  • GMT 11:00-11:15 | IST 16:30-16:45          STP15-ABS-309
    Real-time modelling and forecasting of solar wind disturbances from Sun to Earth
    Rui Pinto
  • GMT 11:15-11:30 | IST 16:45-17:00          STP15-ABS-230
    Integration and optimization of the coronal model Wind-predict for the Virtual Space Weather modeling center
    Barbara Perri
  • GMT 11:30-11:45 | IST 17:00-17:15          STP15-ABS-154
    Solar wind driven TEC forecast using reconstruction via historical CME and CIR
    Erik Schmolter
  • GMT 11:45-11:55 | IST 17:15-17:25          STP15-ABS-305
    Imapact of the geomagnetic storms of the 2012 and 2015 solstice on TEC around 100° longitude sector
    Mayur Choudhary
  • GMT 11:55-12:05 | IST 17:25-17:35          STP15-ABS-046
    Observations of GICs in the main transmission line "Northern Transit" in russia during intense substorms:case study
    Pavel Setsko
  • GMT 12:05-12:15 | IST 17:35-17:45          STP15-ABS-085
    Prediction of 11-year solar cycle strength with Hemispheric Sunspot Numbers
    Shantanu Jain
S6 – Modelling, Database and Data Analysis Tools for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Daniel Marsh and Yoshizumi Miyoshi
  • GMT 11:00-11:15 | IST 16:30-16:45          STP15-ABS-243
    A survey of the variability of the D-region ionosphere in WACCM-D
    Daniel Marsh
  • GMT 11:15-11:25 | IST 16:45-16:55          STP15-ABS-067
    Performance of PCA-NN and PCA-MRM models for TEC over the Iberian Peninsula
    Anna Morozovaen
  • GMT 11:25-11:40 | IST 16:55-17:10          STP15-ABS-227
    Data assimilation of Solar magnetic observations for improvement of the 11-year Solar Cycle prediction
    Ching Pui Hung
  • GMT 11:40-11:55 | IST 17:10-17:25          STP15-ABS-106
    Ionospheric D-region modelling: variation of ionospheric parameters during year and solar cycle, and satellite signal delay during X-ray flare influence
    Aleksandra Nina
  • GMT 11:55-12:05 | IST 17:25-17:35          STP15-ABS-152
    Assessment of the accuracy of IRI-2016 model over the low-latitude ionosphere along the African western coast of the Atlantic Ocean during the declining (2016-2017) and minimum (2018) phase of solar cycle 24
    A. O. Akala
  • GMT 12:05-12:15 | IST 17:35-17:45          STP15-ABS-064
    Multi-instrument STIX microflare study
    Jonas Saqri
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
GMT 12:50-13:50 | IST 18:20-19:20
Keynote Talk- 4                                                                                                                                                 Chair(s): Anil Bhardwaj

Aditya L1: India’s space observatory to study the sun

Dipankar BanerjeeAryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, India
GMT 13:50-14:10 | IST 19:20-19:40           STP15-ABS-155
Session – 3 - PRESTO Pillar-2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere                             Chair(s): Loren Chang

The role of the polar vortex in Sun Earth coupling

V. Lynn Harvey (invited)
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth’s Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Ashik Paul and V. Lynn Harvey
  • GMT 14:40-14:55 | IST 20:10-20:25          STP15-ABS-206
    Distinct Ionospheric response to different geomagnatic storms during 2016 using GPS-TEC observations over the indian equatorial and low latitude sectors
    Duvvu Lissa
  • GMT 14:55-15:10 | IST 20:25-20:40          STP15-ABS-232
    Low latitude geomagnetic H-component variations during impulse induced storm time substorms
    Shipra Sinha
  • GMT 15:10-15:20 | IST 20:40-20:50          STP15-ABS-280
    An investigation of the Equatorial Electrojet at 8.3 m scale size and its day-to-day variability in context of changing space weather
    Lalitha G Krishnan
  • GMT 15:20-15:30 | IST 20:50-21:00          STP15-ABS-225
    Role of relative dynamics of satelite and irregularity structure on GPS signal perturbations
    Trisani Biswas
  • GMT 15:30-15:40 | IST 21:00-21:10          STP15-ABS-136
    Storm-time responses of the Equatorial Ionization Anomaly (EIA) crests and their extended features along 65-80°W meridian lines
    Samuel Akintunde
  • GMT 15:40-15:50 | IST 21:10-21:20          STP15-ABS-002
    Estimation of ionosphere vTEC using multivariate quadratic modeling over Bahir Dar, Ethiopia in the year 2010-2014
    Tsegaye Gogie
  • GMT 15:50-16:00 | IST 21:20-21:30          STP15-ABS-247
    Study of Geomagnetic Induced Currents in the Mexican Power Grid
    Remon Caraballo
S6 - Modelling, Database and Data Analysis Tools for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Daniel Marsh
  • GMT 14:40-15:00 | IST 20:10-20:30          STP15-ABS-048
    The international Heliophysics Data Environment Alliance (IHDEA): An Organization to Promote Sharing of Heliophysics Digital Resources and to Enhance Science
    Shing Fung (Invited)
  • GMT 15:00-15:15 | IST 20:30-20:45          STP15-ABS-015
    Estimation of ionospheric critical plasma frequencies from GNSS-TEC measurements using artificial neural networks
    Vivian Otugo
  • GMT 15:15-15:30 | IST 20:45-21:00          STP15-ABS-205
    Catalogoue of Calibrated Sunspot Areas since 1874 and its Applications
    Sudip Mandal
  • GMT 15:30-15:40 | IST 21:00-21:10          STP15-ABS-343
    High-cadence science-quality solar EUV irradiances from GOES -14 and -15 data
    Allyssa Riley
  • GMT 15:40-15:55 | IST 21:10-21:25          STP15-ABS-108
    Development of a special catalog of megnetic field variations at the Panagjurishte station, Bulgaria
    Veneta Guineva
S7 - New ground- and space-based initiatives for Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Jorge Chau
  • GMT 14:40-15:00 | IST 20:10-20:30          STP15-ABS-121
    Radial evolution of solar wind turbulence in the inner Heliosphere: firsts space plasma observations of the Solar Orbiter spacecraft
    Raffaele Marino (Invited)
  • GMT 15:00-15:15 | IST 20:30-20:45          STP15-ABS-162
    Multiview Observatory for Solar-Terrestrial Science(MOST): The Next Generation Tools for Heliophysical Investigations
    Nat Gopalswamy
  • GMT 15:15-15:30 | IST 20:45-21:00          STP15-ABS-185
    A new ground based Antarctic Space Weather laboratory at an Argentinen base
    Sergio Dasso
  • GMT 15:30-15:40 | IST 21:00-21:10          STP15-ABS-335
    Status of the Galileo Solar Space Telescope Mission
    Luis Eduardo Vieira
  • GMT 15:40-15:50 | IST 21:10-21:20          STP15-ABS-181
    Investigating Quiescent and Transient Magnetic Structures in the Inner Heliosphere using Faraday Rotation, the FETCH instrument on the MOST mission Concept
    Elizabeth Jensen
  • GMT 15:50-16:00 | IST 21:20-21:30          STP15-ABS-081
    Advance Ionospheric Earthquake Precursors detected in a VLF SID Monitoring Station in the South Pacific Region during August-2017
    Prasanna Waichal
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)