Day3, February 23, 2022

Parallel Sessions

S2-Akasofu Hall, S3-JCBose Hall, S4-vanAllen Hall

GMT 03:00-04:20

IST 08:30 - 09:50

S2 - PRESTO Pillar 1: Sun, Planetary Space, and Geospace
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Allison Jaynes, Emilia Kilpua, Spiros Patsourakos, Nandita Srivastava
  • GMT 03:00-03:15 | IST 08:30-08:45          STP15-ABS-090
    Relativistic electron microbursts as high-energy tail of pulsating aurora electrons: Impacts on the middle atmosphere
    Yoshizumi Miyoshi
  • GMT 03:15-03:30 | IST 08:45-09:00          STP15-ABS-270
    Energetic Electron Flux Enhancements in the Earth's Radiation Belt associated with Corotating Interaction Region (CIR) events
    Smitha Thampi
  • GMT 03:30-03:45 | IST 09:00-09:15          STP15-ABS-352
    Boundaries, barriers, and build-ups: ULF wave-driven dynamics of energetic particles in the Van Allen Belts
    Allison Jaynes
  • GMT 03:45-04:00 | IST 09:15-09:30          STP15-ABS-287
    Substorm and associated magnetic field dipolarization signatures in the inner magnetosphere and related ion flux variations using Van Allen Probes and Arase observations
    Trunali Shah
  • GMT 04:00-04:15 | IST 09:30-09:45          STP15-ABS-222
    A comparative study on electron contribution to the ring current during CME and CIR driven geomagnetic storms using RAM-SCB simulations and Arase and ground magnetic data
    Sandeep Kumar
  • GMT 04:15-04:30 | IST 09:45-10:00          STP15-ABS-091
    Statistical analysis of quasi-periodic ELF/VLF emissions using longitudinal multi-point ground observations
    Tomoka Oonishi
S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Fazlul Laskar and A. K. Singh
  • GMT 03:00-03:15| IST 08:30-08:45          STP15-ABS-052
    Spectral analysis of the phase velocity distribution of AGWs and MSTIDs in airglow images at Darwin
    Takuma Tsuboi
  • GMT 03:15-03:30 | IST 08:45-09:00          STP15-ABS-286
    The seek of the irregularity-free region by modern satellite missions 
    Shih-Ping Chen
  • GMT 03:30-03:40 | IST 09:00-09:10          STP15-ABS-272
    Quasi-2-Day Wave Coupling of Atmosphere-Ionosphere System at low to mid-latitudes
    Ashish Jadav
  • GMT 03:40-03:50 | IST 09:10-09:20          STP15-ABS-089
    Solar wind dynamic pressure dependence of the latitudinal extension of plasma bubbles during geomagnetic storms
    Takuya Sori
  • GMT 03:50-04:00 | IST 09:20-09:30          STP15-ABS-080
    Multi-event analysis of polar-type medium-scale travelling ionospheric disturbances observed by a 630-nm airglow imager at Nyrola, Finland
    Masaki Sato
  • GMT 04:00-04:10 | IST 09:30-09:40          STP15-ABS-028
    A case study on the interaction between two MSTIDs and their dissipation over geomagnetic low-mid latitude transition region
    Rahul Rathi
  • GMT 04:10-04:20 | IST 09:40-09:50          STP15-ABS-017
    Forcing from below: the lower ionosphere perturbation associated with strong hurricane events observed using VLF waves
    Ajeet Maurya
S4 - PRESTO Pillar 3: Solar Activity and its Influence on Climate
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Odele Coddington, S. Gurubaran
  • GMT 03:00-03:15 | IST 08:30-08:45          STP15-ABS-043
    Solar Cycle Signals in the Mesospheric Tracers as Observed by Microwave Limb Sounder
    Jae Lee
  • GMT 03:15-03:30 | IST 08:45-09:00          STP15-ABS-086
    Time Variations of Mesospheric Ozone During the Solar Eclipse Observed with AURA/MLS
    Tianliang Yang
  • GMT 03:30-03:45 | IST 09:00-09:15          STP15-ABS-169
    Variation of ozone in the stratosphere and mesosphere over Antarctica: a study using Microwave Limb Sounder and milimetre wave radiometer
    Sneha Yadav
  • GMT 03:45-03:55 | IST 09:15-09:25          STP15-ABS-126
    GOES High cadence Operational Total Irradiance (GHOTI)
    Martin Snow
  • GMT 03:55-04:05 | IST 09:25-09:35          STP15-ABS-024
    Short and Rieger Type Periodicities in Solar Microwave Emission Using Nobeyama Radio Polarimeters Data During Solar Cycle 20-24
    Mahender Aroori
  • GMT 04:05-04:20 | IST 09:35-09:50          STP15-ABS-199
    Is there a relation between the heliospheric magnetic field, cosmic rays and atmospheric electricity?
    Jaroslav Chum
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
S2 - PRESTO Pillar 1: Sun, Planetary Space, and Geospace
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Allison Jaynes, Emilia Kilpua, Spiros Patsourakos, Nandita Srivastava
  • GMT 04:50-05:05 | IST 10:20-10:35          STP15-ABS-045
    Latest results from the PWING project: Study of dynamical variations of particles and waves in the inner magnetosphere using ground-based network observations
    Kazuo Shiokawa
  • GMT 05:05-05:20 | IST 10:35-10:50          STP15-ABS-101
    The importants of multi-point ground and space conjugated events in understanding the characteristics of ELF/VLF waves
    Claudia Martinez-Calderon
  • GMT 05:20-05:35 | IST 10:50-11:05          STP15-ABS-094
    Statistics and temporal development of longitudinal extent of Pc1 pulsations using seven PWING ground stations at subauroral latitudes
    Jie Liu
  • GMT 05:35-05:45 | IST 11:05-11:15          STP15-ABS-167
    Observation of Magnetosonic waves in outer magnetosphere associated with EMIC waves by THEMIS probe
    Satyavir Singh
  • GMT 05:45-05:55 | IST 11:15-11:25          STP15-ABS-042
    Substorms on a contracted auroral oval and their mid-latitude magnetic effects: Case study
    Irina Despirak
  • GMT 05:55-06:05 | IST 11:25-11:35          STP15-ABS-165
    Rapid growth of EMIC wave subpackets: Multipoint observations
    Biswajit Ojha
  • GMT 06:05-06:15 | IST 11:35-11:45          STP15-ABS-041
    Supersubstorms and the eastward electrojet: Case study
    Irina Despirak
S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Yuichi Otsuka and T. K. Pant
  • GMT 04:50-05:05 | IST 10:20-10:35          STP15-ABS-249
    Effect of equatorial electrodynamic processes and meridional winds on the OI 630.0 nm dayglow emission variability over low latitudes
    Sunil Kumar
  • GMT 05:05-05:20 | IST 10:35-10:50          STP15-ABS-112
    Equinoctial asymmetry of plasma bubble occurrence and drift velocities at equatorial region: GPS and ionosonde measurements in Southeast Asia
    Yuichi Otsuka
  • GMT 05:20-05:30 | IST 10:50-11:00          STP15-ABS-033
    On the ralation between FORMOSAT/COSMIC-2 radio occultation scintillation S4 index and co-located electron density profiles in 2020
    Yi Duann
  • GMT 05:30-05:40 | IST 11:00-11:10          STP15-ABS-050
    Statistical behavior of global electron density variations in the ionosphere during geomagnetic storms using 20-year GNSS-TEC data
    Atsuki Shinbori
  • GMT 05:40-05:50 | IST 11:10-11:20          STP15-ABS-275
    Implication of Tidal Forcing Effects on the Zonal Variation of Solstice Equatorial Plasma Bubbles
    Loren Chang
  • GMT 05:50-06:00 | IST 11:20-11:30          STP15-ABS-262
    The Relation Between Large-scale Wave Structure And Equatorial Plasma Bubbles
    Yu Yi Liow
  • GMT 06:00-06:10 | IST 11:30-11:40          STP15-ABS-329
    Zonal tidal structure in ionosphere
    Tarun Pant
S4 - PRESTO Pillar 3: Solar Activity and it's Influence on Climate
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): S. Gurubaran
  • GMT 04:50-05:10 | IST 10:20-10:40          STP15-ABS-082
    Enhanced downwelling of NOx in the Antractic upper stratosphere and its effects on ozone in the 21st century
    Ville Maliniemi(Invited)
  • GMT 05:10-05:25 | IST 10:40-10:55          STP15-ABS-103
    The Heppa III intercomparison experiment on electron precipitation impacts
    Miriam Sinnhuber
  • GMT 05:25-05:40 | IST 10:55-11:10          STP15-ABS-216
    Planetary waves and the effects of energetic electron precipitation on polar vortex
    Antti Salminen
  • GMT 05:40-05:50 | IST 11:10-11:20          STP15-ABS-127
    Investigating the ozone-climate feedback induced by ultraviolet solar radiation and energetic particles using ICON-ART-LINOZ
    Maryam Ramezani Ziarani
  • GMT 05:50-06:00 | IST 11:20-11:30          STP15-ABS-093
    Impact of chlorine ion chemistry on the ozone loss during very large solar proton events
    Monali Borthakur
  • GMT 06:00-06:10 | IST 11:30-11:40          STP15-ABS-022
    Similar patterns of tropical precipitation and circulation changes under solar and greenhouse gas forcing
    Stergios Misios
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
Meal/Nap Break
S3 - PRESTO Piller-2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Ashik Paul and Claudia Stolle
  • GMT 11:00-11:15 | IST 16:30-16:45          STP15-ABS-198
    Nonlinear Evolution of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles
    Jyoti Atul
  • GMT 11:15-11:30 | IST 16:45-17:00          STP15-ABS-037
    On the assessment of Day-to-Day Ocurrence of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles
    Suman Das
  • GMT 11:30-11:40 | IST 17:00-17:10          STP15-ABS-158
    The plasma density enhancements in association with eqautorial plasma bubbles over Kolhapur, India
    Dada Nade
  • GMT 11:40-11:50 | IST 17:10-17:20          STP15-ABS-174
    Characteristics of plasma irregularities at equator and anomaly crest region under varied space weather conditions and their casuative mechanisms
    Sripathi Samireddipalle
  • GMT 11:50-12:00 | IST 17:20-17:30          STP15-ABS-178
    Equatorial Plama Bubble and Ionospheric Scintillations Signatures from Latitudinally-Alligned GNSS and Magnetometer Recordings across the Indian Longitudes during the Space Weather events in early September 2017
    Sampad Kumar Panda
  • GMT 12:00-12:10 | IST 17:30-17:40          STP15-ABS-209
    Dynamics and Structure of Plasma bubble observed in the OI 630 nm nightglow emissions over low and off-equatorial latitudes
    Sovan Saha
  • GMT 12:10-12:20 | IST 17:40-17:50          STP15-ABS-221
    Latitude dependence of multiple stratifications of F layer as investigated using a chain of ionosondes over Indian sector and their source mechanisms
    Rajesh Barad
S4 - PRESTO Pillar 3: Solar Activity and its influence on Climate
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Stergios Misios and S. Gurubaran
  • GMT 11:00-11:15 | IST 16:30-16:45          STP15-ABS-325
    Stimulated signatures of solar activity over the North Atlantic: detection,timing,seasonality,and sensitivity to the forcing amplitute
    Paula Gonzalez
  • GMT 11:15-11:25 | IST 16:45-16:55          STP15-ABS-241
    The Earth's climate variations during 17-24 solar cycles
    Lilia Biktash
  • GMT 11:25-11:35 | IST 16:55-17:05          STP15-ABS-066
    Climate Implications of the Sun transition to high Activity mode
    Tatiana Egorova
  • GMT 11:35-11:45 | IST 17:05-17:15          STP15-ABS-315
    Influence of solar irradiance on future climate
    Jan Sedlacek
  • GMT 11:45-11:55 | IST 17:15-17:25          STP15-ABS-161
    Long-term Prediction of Sudden Stratospheric Warmings
    Mikhail Vokhmianin
  • GMT 11:55-12:10 | IST 17:25-17:40          STP15-ABS-123
    The impact of extreme solar events in the atmosphere
    Thomas Reddmann
  • GMT 12:10-12:20 | IST 17:40-17:50          STP15-ABS-009
    Massively enhanced atmospheric effects of strong solar proton events during geomagnetic reversals
    Pavle Arsenovic
S5 - Space Weather Prediction and Implementation
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Kyung Suk Cho
  • GMT 11:00-11:30 | IST 16:30-17:00          STP15-ABS-279
    Physics-based prediction of solar flares
    Kanya Kusano(invited)
  • GMT 11:30-11:45 | IST 17:00-17:15          STP15-ABS-274
    Prediction of earthbound coronal mass ejections
    Sanchita Pal
  • GMT 11:45-12:00 | IST 17:15-17:30          STP15-ABS-282
    A Physical-Based Prototype Predictive Chain for Solar Energetic Particle Acceleration and Transport Forecasting in the Inner Heliosphere
    Kamen Kozarev
  • GMT 12:00-12:10 | IST 17:30-17:40          STP15-ABS-302
    A comparitive study of various machine learning algorithms for forecasting solar flares
    Suvadip Sinha
  • GMT 12:10-12:20 | IST 17:40-17:50          STP15-ABS-253
    The First Release of Accurate AI-generated Solar Farside Magnetograms
    Hyun-Jin Jeong
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
GMT 12:50-13:50 | IST 18:20-19:20
Keynote Talk- 3                                                                                                                                                 Chair(s): Jie Jiang

The physical basis for Solar Cycle prediction

Robert CameronThe Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Germany.
GMT 13:50-14:10 | IST 19:20-19:40           STP15-ABS-172
Session – 3 - PRESTO Pillar-2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere                             Chair(s): D. Pallamraju and Nick Pedatella

Observations of the high-latitude ionosphere by SWARM and other LEO satellite missions

Claudia Stolle (invited)
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): Nick Pedetella and Kalyan Bhuyan
  • GMT 14:40-14:55 | IST 20:10-20:25          STP15-ABS-059
    A case study on anomalous electric field variations in the F region equatorial ionosphere during post-sunset hours:insights
    Ankit Kumar
  • GMT 14:55-15:10 | IST 20:25-20:40          STP15-ABS-153
    Investigation of Daytime Thermospheric Wave Dynamics using Radio technique
    Subir Mandal
  • GMT 15:10-15:20 | IST 20:40-20:50          STP15-ABS-317
    Studies on ionization depletions of Equatorial plasma structures on transionospheric satellite signals using GPS
    Tanmay Das
  • GMT 15:20-15:30 | IST 20:50-21:00          STP15-ABS-303
    Investigation on the variability of ionospheric currents within and just outside the EEJ region during solar eclipse
    Sachin Prabhakar
  • GMT 15:30-15:40 | IST 21:00-21:10          STP15-ABS-292
    Low latitude Ionospheric response to super cyclonic strom "AMPHAM" observed over North Indian Oceans
    Gajalakshmi M
S4 - PRESTO Pillar 3: Solar Activity and its influence on Climate
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Stergios Misios and Odele Coddington
  • GMT 14:40-14:55 | IST 20:10-20:25          STP15-ABS-014
    Phase-locking Impact of the 11-year Solar Cycle on Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability
    Wenjuan Huo
  • GMT 14:55-15:10 | IST 20:25-20:40          STP15-ABS-342
    The 11-year solar cycle UV irradiance effect and its dependency on the Pacific Decadal Oscillation
    Sigmund Guttu
  • GMT 15:10-15:25 | IST 20:40-20:55          STP15-ABS-159
    The sensitivity of the tropical Pacific decadal climate variability to anthropogenic and solar forcing in a chemistry-climate model ensemble
    Tobias Spiegl
  • GMT 15:25-15:40 | IST 20:55-21:10          STP15-ABS-130
    Revisiting the Influence of Solar variability on North Atlantic Winter Climate
    Gabriel Chiodo
  • GMT 15:40-16:00 | IST 21:10-21:30          STP15-ABS-088
    The Sun's Role for Decadal Climate Predictibility in the North Atlantic
    Annika Drews(Invited)
S5 - Space Weather Prediction and Implementation
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Peter Pilewskie
  • GMT 14:40-15:10 | IST 20:10-20:40          STP15-ABS-238
    Advancing our Prediction Capabilities of the Outer Radiation Belt Dynamics
    Ioannis Daglis(Invited)
  • GMT 15:10-15:25 | IST 20:40-20:55          STP15-ABS-212
    Development of Space Environment Customized Risk Estimation for Satellite(SECURES)
    Tsutomu Nagatsuma
  • GMT 15:25-15:40 | IST 20:55-21:10          STP15-ABS-131
    On the influence of interacting solar wind disturbances
    Nataly Shlyk
  • GMT 15:40-15:50 | IST 21:10-21:20          STP15-ABS-190
    72-hour Forecasting of Relativistic Electron Fluxes at Geostationary Orbit by Deep Learning
    Jihyeon Son
  • GMT 15:50-16:00 | IST 21:20-21:30          STP15-ABS-148
    A synthetic test of ensemble forecasting of the energetic particle fluxes at geosynchronous orbit
    Ruotong Liu
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)