Day1: February 21, 2022

Overarching Topics in the Sun-Earth Connection
Chair(s): Ramon Lopez
GMT 03:00-03:20 | IST 08:30-08:50          STP15-ABS-215
Relevance of Severe Space Weather to the High-Tech Society
Balan Nanan (invited)
GMT 03:20-03:35 | IST 08:50-09:05          STP15-ABS-327
Global Evolution of the Sun's Coronal Magnetic Field Driven by Active Regions
Prantika Bhowmik
GMT 03:35-03:50 | IST 09:05-09:20          STP15-ABS-065
Confined and eruptive catastrophes of solar magnetic flux ropes caused by mass loading and unloading
Quanhao Zhang
GMT 03:50-04:00 | IST 09:20-09:30          STP15-ABS-296
A study of multiple Coronal Mass Ejections and their propagation and Geo-effectiveness
M. Syed Ibrahim
GMT 04:00-04:10 | IST 09:30-09:40          STP15-ABS-200
Active region and magnetic properties of some coronal mass ejection
Vijayalakshmi Prakash
GMT 04:10-04:20 | IST 09:40-09:50          STP15-ABS-021
ICME-HSS interaction: generation of Alfven wave
Omkar Dhamane
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
  • Welcome
  • Prayer and Lighting of Lamp
  • Welcome Address and briefing on STP-15 by Prof. S. Gurubaran, Chair, LOC
  • Speech by Prof. Kazuo Shiokawa (Japan), President, Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP)
  • Speech by Dr. Nat Gopalswamy (USA), Past President, SCOSTEP
  • Speech by Dr. Ramon Lopez (USA), Chair, PRESTO-SCOSTEP
  • Speech by Prof. Archana Bhattacharyya, former Director, IIG, Navi Mumbai, on Overview of Solar-Terrestrial Physics (STP) research in India
  • Speech by Dr. Anil Bhardwaj, Director, PRL, Ahmedabad and Chairman, INSA Sub-Committee on SCOSTEP on 'Upcoming space missions of India and their relevance to STP research
  • Release of IIG's Golden Jubilee Scientific Achievements volume in the form of booklet along with coffee table book by Dr. Srivari Chandrasekhar, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India
  • Inaugural Speech by Dr. Srivari Chandrasekhar, Secretary, DST, Govt. of India
  • Vote of Thanks by Prof. S. Tulasiram, Convener, LOC

Meal/Nap Break
S1 - Overarching topics in the Sun-Earth connection
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): Natalie Krivova
  • GMT 11:00-11:15 | IST 16:30-16:45          STP15-ABS-264
    A new paradigm of extreme solar events
    Ashok Singh
  • GMT 11:15-11:30 | IST 16:45-17:00          STP15-ABS-310
    Forward modelling of solar flare emissions in the Solar Orbiter era
    Rui Pinto
  • GMT 11:30-11:45 | IST 17:00-17:15          STP15-ABS-128
    Nonhomogeneity of plasma turbulence related to large scale structures in the solar wind
    Maria Riazantseva
  • GMT 11:45-12:00 | IST 17:15-17:30          STP15-ABS-025
    Complexity - entropy causality plane based analysis on the relationship between solar activity and cosmic ray intensity
    Vipin Das V
  • GMT 12:00-12:10 | IST 17:30-17:40          STP15-ABS-020
    ICME-HSS Interaction and associated extreme Geomagnetic Storm
    Kalpesh Ghag
  • GMT 12:10-12:20 | IST 17:40-17:50          STP15-ABS-113
    DH Type II Radio Bursts During Solar Cycles 23 and 24: Frequency-dependent Classification and their Flare-CME Association
    Binal Patel
S2 - PRESTO Pillar 1: Sun, Planetary Space, and Geospace
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Allison Jaynes, Emilia Kilpua, Spiros Patsourakos, Nandita Srivastava
  • GMT 11:00-11:20 | IST 16:30-16:50          STP15-ABS-182
    Prediction of Solar Flares and Predictive Diagnostics of Related Eruptive Manifestations
    Manolis Georgoulis (invited)
  • GMT 11:20-11:35 | IST 16:50-17:05          STP15-ABS-314
    Measuring CME/iCME magnetic fields using Faraday rotation observations
    Divya Oberoi
  • GMT 11:35-11:50 | IST 17:05-17:20          STP15-ABS-219
    A Scheme to Obtain the Planetoeffectivess of Coronal Mass Ejections Based on Inferences of their Near-Sun Magnetic Field
    Spiros Patsourakos
  • GMT 11:50-12:00 | IST 17:20-17:30          STP15-ABS-203
    Estimation of Coronal Magnetic Field from a Band Splitting Type-II Solar Radio Burst
    Vasanth V
  • GMT 12:00-12:10 | IST 17:30-17:40          STP15-ABS-308
    Sympathetic Quiet and Active Region Filament Eruptions
    Kostadinka Koleva
  • GMT 12:10-12:20 | IST 17:40-17:50          STP15-ABS-204
    Determination of the CME core parameters observed on 22 August 2015 with UTR-2
    Mykola Shevchuk
S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): D. Pallamraju and Loren Chang
  • GMT 11:00-11:20 | IST 16:30-16:50          STP15-ABS-057
    Understanding the prompt electric field disturbances over low-equatorial latitude ionosphere - A paradigm shift
    Dibyendu Chakrabarty (invited)
  • GMT 11:20-11:35 | IST 16:50-17:05          STP15-ABS-134
    Extremely large and rapid decrease of equatorial geomagnetic field due to sudden decrease in the solar wind density
    Nilam Bhosale
  • GMT 11:35-11:50 | IST 17:05-17:20          STP15-ABS-284
    Counter Electrojet Current in West and South of Southeast Asian Sector
    Nur Izzati Mohd Rosli
  • GMT 11:50-12:00 | IST 17:20-17:30          STP15-ABS-144
    Solar, geomagnetic and ionospheric activity during spotless Sun
    Tamara Gulyaeva
  • GMT 12:00-12:10 | IST 17:30-17:40          STP15-ABS-138
    Assessment of accuracy of IRI-2016 model at equatorial-, low-, and mid-, and high latitudes' ionosphere along 30-45oE meridian during minimum (2009) and maximum (2013) phases of solar cycle 24
    Jacob Amao
  • GMT 12:10-12:20 | IST 17:40-17:50          STP15-ABS-133
    Geomagnetically induced currents related to impulsive Space Weather events at low latitudes
    Nguessan Kouassi
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
GMT 12:50-13:50 | IST 18:20-19:20
Keynote Talk- 1                                                                                                                                                 Chair(s): Allison Jaynes

Solar wind driving of Earth's Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Atmosphere System

Drew TurnerThe John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA

GMT 13:50-14:10 | IST 19:20-19:40           STP15-ABS-268
Session – 8 - Special session on "Geomagnetism - The connecting link between Sun and Earth"                             Chair(s): Allison Jaynes

Geomagnetic observations and Sun-Earth Connection: Super Geomagnetic Storms

Gurbax Lakhina (invited)
Break-out Sessions (30 Mins)
S1 - Overarching topics in the Sun-Earth connection
vanAllen Hall
Chair(s): M. Venkat Ratnam
  • GMT 14:40-15:00 | IST 20:10-20:30          STP15-ABS-261
    Long-term changes of solar activity and irradiance
    Natalie Krivova (invited)
  • GMT 15:00-15:15 | IST 20:30-20:45          STP15-ABS-096
    Magnetospheric turbulence and predictability of Space weather effects
    Elizaveta Antonova
  • GMT 15:15-15:30 | IST 20:45-21:00          STP15-ABS-313
    Interhemispheric Assymmetries
    Ramon Lopez
  • GMT 15:30-15:40 | IST 21:00-21:10          STP15-ABS-323
    On the varaibility of equatorial electrodynamics during 26 December 2019 solar eclipse: A case study
    Ajesh Asokan Pillai
  • GMT 15:40-15:50 | IST 21:10-21:20          STP15-ABS-260
    The Complexity Behavior of Equatorial Ionosphere during Solar Eclipse : a case study
    Unnikrishnan Kaleekkal
  • GMT 15:50-16:00 | IST 21:20-21:30          STP15-ABS-098
    Zonal distribution of cosmogenic isotopes in stratosphere and troposphere simulated with the chemistry-climate model SOCOL
    Ksenia Golubenko
S2 - PRESTO Pillar 1: Sun, Planetary Space, and Geospace
Akasofu Hall
Chair(s): Allison Jaynes, Emilia Kilpua, Spiros Patsourakos, Nandita Srivastava
  • GMT 14:40-15:00| IST 20:10-20:30          STP15-ABS-248
    Evolution of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejection Complexity: Numerical and Observational Insights
    Camilla Scolini (invited)
  • GMT 15:00-15:15| IST 20:30-20:45          STP15-ABS-117
    High-energy solar measurements for solar flare analysis
    Thomas Chen
  • GMT 15:15-15:30| IST 20:45-21:00          STP15-ABS-145
    Radio emission bursts as predictors for solar energetic particles : Electrons Vs. Protons
    Rositsa Miteva
  • GMT 15:30-15:40| IST 21:00-21:10          STP15-ABS-289
    Modelling Particle Drift Effects in the Heliosphere Over the Solar Cycle
    Timothy Mohlolo
  • GMT 15:40-15:50| IST 21:10-21:20          STP15-ABS-175
    Contribution of ion-acoustic turbulence to thermal conductivity in electron temperature jumps of the Solar atmosphere
    Petr Bespalov
  • GMT 15:50-16:00| IST 21:20-21:30          STP15-ABS-276
    Space Weather study through multi-observation and analysis of Solar transients phenomena and associated interplanetary space plasma dynamics
    Theogene Ndacyayisenga
S3 - PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
JCBose Hall
Chair(s): S. Gurubaran and Janet Machol
  • GMT 14:40-14:55| IST 20:10-20:25          STP15-ABS-137
    Storm-time hourly morphologies of the Equatorial Ionization Anomaly (EIA) crests and their extended features along 110-125oE meridian
    John Ayangbemi
  • GMT 14:55-15:10| IST 20:25-20:40          STP15-ABS-228
    Preliminary Exospheric Neutral Hydrogen Density Retrievals from GOES EUV Measurements
    Janet Machol
  • GMT 15:10-15:20| IST 20:40-20:50          STP15-ABS-111
    Ionospheric irregularities during disturbed geomagnetic conditions over Argentinian EIA region
    Gilda Gonzalez
  • GMT 15:20-15:30| IST 20:50-21:00          STP15-ABS-114
    The effect of prompt penetration electric fields on plasma bubble occurrence
    Anastasia Newheart
  • GMT 15:30-15:40| IST 21:00-21:10          STP15-ABS-124
    Statistical Analysis and Predictability of Large Scale Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances over Europe
    Claudia Borries
  • GMT 15:40-15:50| IST 21:10-21:20          STP15-ABS-293
    Study of Low Latitude Plasma Bubbles Irregularities Climatology using SWARM Satellite
    Abdalla Shaker Abdalla
  • GMT 15:50-16:00| IST 21:20-21:30          STP15-ABS-334
    Investigating the October effect in VLF signals
    Daniela Bonys
Break-out Session (30 Mins)