Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP)

SCOSTEP is a thematic body of the International Science Council (ISC). Its long term objectives include promoting international interdisciplinary programs of finite duration in solar-terrestrial physics, specifically to:

  • Develop and sustain student interest in Sun-Earth connections
  • Promote efficient exchange of data and information between solar and terrestrial scientists in all countries
  • Seek projects and programs that cross over traditional boundaries of physical regions and focused scientific disciplines

SCOSTEP is engaged in science, capacity building, and public outreach to achieve these objectives in cooperation with other scientific organizations and scientific unions of the ISC. These other organizations are the Participating Bodies of SCOSTEP. They include COSPAR, IAGA/IUGG, IAMAS/UGG, IAU, IUPAP, SCAR, URSI, and WDS. The SCOSTEP Bureau consists of representatives of all of these scientific bodies, making it a truly interdisciplinary body.

SCOSTEP official website - https://scostep.org/